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Heat Loss – Costing you money….

Around 60% of the heat you lose through single glazed windows is through radiated heat (energy) passing through the single pane of glass. This makes windows, and double glazed panels, a real focal point when looking to cut down on your energy bills.

With a double glazed window panel the inside pane absorbs the heat from the room and it is transmitted by convection and conduction to the outer pane which is in contact with the outside world. The level of transfer is known as the ‘U’ value.

With double glazing only a small amount of heat is lost via convestion between the panes – Warm ari between them rises and is replaced by cooler air and so a convection loop transfers heat form the inner pane through to the outer pane but this loss is a very small amount.

As well as losing heat through the glass it can also be lost through the window frame – Again this is measured as a ‘U’ value, but depends on the materials used for the frame. Metal transfers more easily than wood or plastic.

Your choice of style of window also has a big affect on the heat loss with old sash style windows losing more heat than modern casement opening windows.

It is possible, if it isn’t fitted correctly, to lose heat from around the window frame, or if there is insufficient filler material around the frame within the wall cavity.

The benefits of energy efficient widows.

  • More comfortable home – Energy efficient, well fitted double glazing can reduce heat loss and mean fewer cold spots and draughts.
  • Peace and quiet – As well as keeping out the cold, well fitted energy efficient double glazing will insulate your home against noise from the road and pavement
  • Reduce condensation – Energy efficient double glazing can help reduce the condensation build up on the inside of your windows.

How much can I save?

By replacing single glazing with energy efficient double glazing in a 3 bed roomed detached house you could save up to £110 per year on your heating bills.

At Window Repair Solutions we fit the latest Spectus double glazing units that can achieve an A+ energy rating – meaning you can achieve the lowest heat loss whilst enjoying the beauty of the latest design.

All of our new windows and doors come with a 10 year insurance backed guarantee for your peace of mind…